About Steven Kenneth Mamat

I have been practing law in the fields of real estate litigation, criminal defense and personal injury since 2011. When I entered the field of law, I started at a mid-size litigation firm of Flood, Lanctot, Connor and Stablein. That firm showed me how to handle criminal matters as a defense lawyer and a prosecutor as that firm handled municipal work for the City of Woodhaven and Allen Park.

While at Flood Law, I developed a practiced focused on real estate and civil litgation. This differed from most of the attorneys that were in that firm and I was able to build a practice that serviced many needs.

In 2013, I began working on web based applications to help create legal convenince for my clients and I was able to develop Elimitix.com with my colleague Matthew Satovsky.

The web application allows users to upload their traffic tickets from their phone and their tickets resolved for a small fee without the need of going to court.

In addtion, I litigate cases involving automobile accidents and slip falls. I have obtained several substantial six figure settlements in the last several years.

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